Giveaway: Colt Canyon (NA only: Steam, Xbox, NSW)

Three Steam copies, and a copy for each console!

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Well howdy partners! Ole Mike here, and I am back with another giveaway for a game that I think is pretty darn neato. Colt Canyon is the title in question, and I think it’s quite the banger. It’s a top down, wild west, roguelite-ish blast. Punchy shooting, good movement (and a blessed dodge roll), and a surprising amount of blood loss. Never been great with words (it’s why I don’t review stuff!), so let’s look at the video, and then read from the official page: 

“Take your revolver and rescue your partner in this atmospheric and punchy roguelike game.

Colt Canyon is a 2D pixel art shooter where you control a cowboy, or one of the many other unlockable characters, whose mission is to save his kidnapped partner from the ruthless bandits. Take your gun and TNT and shoot your way through a hostile canyon full of hidden treasures, weapons, obstacles and all kinds of bloodthirsty scum.

Maybe you can save more people than just your partner. But watch out. Once you got your partner your job is not done. You’ll also have to get back home…”

My favorite thing about this one, is that it’s all skill based. After you get used to the aiming, it’s up to you on how and when to take out the bad guys. Stealth kills, or guns blazing? Go for that sweet crate stash, surrounded by dudes, or tough it out? All on you. Just make sure you free the horses before starting fires. If you are all ready sold, and don’t even want to wait, or take the chance on a contest; the game is available now on Steam, GOG, the NA eShop, the EU eShop, and the Microsoft Store. You can also give the devs a follow @Retrific if you’re on Twitter, and check out what else the publisher has going on @HeadupGames

Now, down to brass tacks. How do you win? Leave a comment below, telling us your favorite old western movie, as well as the platform of choice for the game. Winners will be randomly selected at the contests end. Which is…*rustles papers around* Aha! Contest Ends 6/30/20 @ 11:59pm PST. Good luck!!!

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