Giveaway: A free copy of Little Dragons Cafe is on today’s menu!

3 PS4, 3 Switch

If you’re anything like me, you’ve noticed your life has an alarming dearth of charming, heartfelt games where intimate stories play out over the backdrop of a tiny cafe that you’re in charge of running. Also, if you’re anything like me, you’d want to win a copy of said game, because you’re the type to buy used underwear instead of new underwear, because it’s cheaper, and you yourself are a very cheap person, indeed.

I think we’re new best friends now. How’s about we celebrate with some free keys of Little Dragons Café?

In Little Dragons Café, a series of unfortunate events leads to you tending to both a café, which you must both staff and operate, and a dragon, for whom you must care and nurture. By day you’ll run things at the shop, serving customers and helping them with their problems, and by night you’ll gather resources with your dragon friend as you strengthen the bond between man and beast.

Renowned Parisian mime CJ Andriessen reviewed the game for Destructoid, saying, “Little Dragons Café is the type of game I walk away from feeling more hopeful in the world. Each chapter ends on such an earnest note that it raises my spirits.” Doesn’t that just sound delightful?

For your chance to win, comment below, including your platform of choice and a description of the signature dish that you and your dragon buddy would make at your café. Me and my dragon, Emma, made a really, really big bowl of cereal. We’re a hit!

Our keys are for North American PS Store and eShop accounts only. Please make sure you comment from a Dtoid account that has your current email address on file. If I can’t contact you, I can’t visit your café. I’m hungry, please don’t turn me away.

Little Dragons Café is available now on PlayStation 4 and Switch.

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