Give us your best Overlord captions and win your own minions

Look at that header picture. No, don’t just look — GAZE upon think. Think hard. There’s a lot going on there. Lots of different minion faces, the Overlord’s pose, his body language … this picture needs a caption. Here’s the deal: you make one up for me, and I send you a free copy of Overlord II for Xbox 360 and your very own Minion figurine to match. Good deal, right?

This contest will run through July 21st and is open to all countries. Just think up your best caption for the picture above and put it in the comments. Example:

“Master, Paul isn’t feeling well… after you stuck your hand up there his eyes just wandered to the sides and he’s never looked the same since…”

That’s how you do it (well, except you should be funnier, because I’m not that funny). If it helps you to actually take the picture and write the captions in it and then paste it in the comments, go for it. Good luck, and think evil!

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