Give this fantastic Generation Zero concept art an ocular patdown

Welcome to the Danger Zone

In less than two weeks, Avalanche’s cooperative robot-slaying survival shooter Generation Zero will launch. These machines are going to use their sensors and gadgets to find you. And then they will kill you.

Get some advance intel by taking a good look at this Generation Zero concept art. It’s good stuff. The full resolution versions are in the gallery below. (And, if I’m not mistaken, I believe this is the concept art that comes on the postcards in the collector’s edition.)

We’ll soon have a lot more to say about Generation Zero. We attended a preview event in Stockholm, where we got some valuable insight to the nuts and bolts that led to this very Swedish game. Be on the lookout for that tomorrow. But give this concept art a looksee today.

[Disclaimer: Travel and lodging to a Generation Zero preview event were provided by Avalanche Studios.]

Brett Makedonski
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