Girl gamers want to raise … Babyz?

Ubisoft, in an attempt to pacify the market of young girl gamers out there, have created a new line of games called Imagine to cater specifically to said girls. What type of games do young girls want? According to research, it seems they want to cook, go shopping, take care of animals, and raise babies. The demographic was 6-14, so if you want the frank truth, the baby raising game (titled Babyz, which is just wretched) makes me feel a little uncomfortable. Why does my eight year old need to practice baby raising?

These titles are probably a good way for young girls to have fun and experience gaming, but it makes the nine year old gamer in me cringe. I would never have played this tripe. I played Metroid and the Legend of Zelda, the way that gamers are supposed to be made! Why, in my day…..oh dear, I sound like my grandmother. At any rate, I feel giving your child these games means condemning them to casual gaming for life, not to mention stereotyping them as typical girls. Don’t make more typical girls in the world, people! 

[Via Multiplayer blog, Thanks Adam!]

Colette Bennett