Giant Robot presents: Game Over: Art of the Gamer Generation

Giant Robot

is currently holding a fantastic videogame themed art show until October 29th in San Francisco. Over 40 artists specializing in different fields of arts and crafts sent Giant Robot a giant collection of art all inspired in some way or form by videogames.

This was the first time Giant Robot held a videogame themed art show and they’re looking to hold one annually from here on out. All of the pieces you see in the gallery below and on Giant Robot’s site are all up for sale with prices ranging from $30 to $1000.

I went to the opening reception on the 11th and was really happy with what I saw. I am 8-bit has been holding onto the monopoly of videogame themed art shows and it’s about time more videogame art shows started to develop. Plus, Game Over touches on all videogames rather than limiting things to just the 8-bit realm.

If you’re in or around the San Francisco area, I highly suggest checking the show out. Otherwise, take a look at the gallery for all of the pieces featured at the show.

Hamza Aziz