Giant Robot presenting Game Over II at the end of GDC

Last October, I went out to probably the worst area of San Francisco I’ve ever been to (Haight Street) to check out Giant Robot’s Game Over videogame art show. Over 40 artists were represented showing off some amazing pieces.

Before leaving the show, I asked Luke, the guy in charge of the show over at Giant Robot, when the next Game Over show would happen. They were thinking of doing it again in October 2009, but I quickly suggested they do the show in March instead because of the Game Developers Conference. What better time to show off videogame related artwork when the city is infested with gamers from around the world?

Luke took my suggestion and now Game Over II is happening next month on March 27, the last night of GDC. Offworld broke the news last night about the next Game Over and this time it’s going to be so much better. Giant Robot has teamed up with upstart gaming label Attract Mode to present the next wave of art work as well as showing off four new indie games that are specifically being made for next month’s show. 

Check out Offworld to see what you can expect from the four new indie games that will be at the show. The image above is from one of the indie games being made. Those octopuses are cute! I will definitely be attending the show along with members of DtoidSanFrancisco

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