Ghostwire brings ‘augmented reality’ to the DSi

Swedish studio A Different Game has come out of the woodwork to announce the DSi’s very first ‘augmented reality’ title, Ghostwire. The game intends to use the DSi’s in-built camera functionality to its fullest, finally providing us with a worthwhile game that takes advantage of the DSi’s unique features. At least, that’s the idea.

Players will use the camera to scan their surroundings, while the game superimposes ghosts over the images projected on-screen. Sounds interesting for sure, but we’ll definitely have to see if there’s enough gameplay there, or if this is just a neat idea stretched out in an attempt to make it a game. 

“The Nintendo DSi platform is perfect for this game,” says lead designer Anders Bergman. “This allows us to enhance the integrated real-world experience with the combination of camera, microphone and touch screen.” The game has also been in development for mobile phones.

I’m itching for a DSi title that actually feels like a DSi title and isn’t a bloody downloadable clock, so I’ll be keeping watch on this one. Here’s hoping it turns out well, and isn’t just a half-hearted vehicle of a tech demo.

Jim Sterling