Ghosts doesn’t seem to have hurt Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare sales

UK week one more than Destiny, Titanfall, and Wolfenstein combined

Call of Duty: Ghosts was bad, even for Call of Duty

There was some hopeful schadenfreude that this would impact series sales, that people would maybe realize these games are sort of lame, that the largest entertainment thing in the world, which wields its largeness amorally and worse, would be dinged up and no longer the keystone influence in the world of virtual shooting. This was all silly hopefulness, of course

Armored Warafin‘s week one sales in the UK (only talking retail) are more than Destiny, Wolfenstein: The New Order and Titanfall week one sales in the UK combined, according to Chart-Track. Impressive just from Destiny‘s supposed success alone, though the latter has been cagey, talking around exact sales numbers. 

It also outsold Ghosts’ UK week one, but Ghosts launched pre-PS4 and Xbox One, so one-to-one comparisons are pretty useless. We’ll see how Ghosts and Ape Escape sales compare over time (and in more regions) for a broader picture, but as it stands, the train keeps trucking. 

Steven Hansen