Ghostbusters has a release date, but no publisher: Who they gonna call?

Things are very much up in the air regarding the Ghostbusters videogame, which was looking great but has suffered thanks to Activision-Blizzard giving it the chop. Having been pushed back to 2009, the developers are still looking to release its game at some point, but there’s only one problem — there’s no publisher.

Rights holder Sony Pictures is said to be working with Activision to try and find a solution that works for everybody. The interesting upside to this is that the game could now be in a position to tie-in with the 25th Anniversary of Ghostbusters, and this is something that Sony Pictures is certainly looking into. 

With all the press surrounding this game, and now the chance of a hype-worthy anniversary release, things are sure to look up for the Ghostbusters game soon. One can’t imagine this title will be without a publisher soon — a good thing too, with so much excitement for the troubled IP.

James Stephanie Sterling