Ghost Squad trailer shows off some slick shooting

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While probably not a release likely to be setting Wii owners’ pants on fire with anticipation in this year of incoming Mario and No More Heroes, – and with Metroid still to come if you live in Europe – Sega’s port of arcade light gun shooter Ghost Squad might well be a good bet for an enjoyable second tier game when it lands this winter. The original cabinet was a hoot, blending satisfyingly visceral gunplay with a boatload of variety in mission structure and mixing things up with all manner of different gameplay mechanics to add a freshness not often seen in on-rails shooters. 

Early reports indicate that all of those features are now working swimmingly in the Wii version, and the recent confirmation of online multiplayer bodes well not only for Ghost Squad itself, but also the possibility of the Wii finally getting its act together in that area throughout its next wave of games.

Whether all of the above will be enough to ensure that Sega’s shooter stands up in sales against Capcom’s higher profile Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles remains to be seen, but this upcoming proliferation of the genre on Nintendo’s machine raises another question too. The remote seems to works pretty successfully as a gun these days, yes? And the balance board will bring bodily movement into games, will it not? Namco? Are you paying attention? A new Wii-dedicated Time Crisis? Hmm? 

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