Ghost Squad trailer is extremely cheesy and OMG PANDA SUIT!

First things first, a four player co-op shooter on rails game? DO WANT! The few seconds in the video where it shows all four players shooting the screen up looks like pure chaos! Ghost Squad seems like it will be the best choice of the four games coming out this year that will utilize the Wii Zapper cradle. 

Jim mentioned Eurogamers hands-on experience which you should check out or you know, go to a local arcade and play it. The experience will probably be different when comparing it to the Wii Zapper and the giant hulking replica gun from the arcades, but it will give you a good idea of what the game will look like at least (the graphics won’t be any different … ZING!).

Also, what is up with the over acting of the people in the video? At least it’s no where near as bad as the clown shoe-tastic Resident Evil 4 Wii ad.

Hamza Aziz