Ghost Squad does not suck, also has online play

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You know, I thought that Ghost Squad was going to be about shooting actual ghosts, not terrorists. Don’t get me wrong, I love terrorism as much as the next guy, but dark skinned men in sunglasses just aren’t as exciting as spooktacular phantoms. As sad as the loss of spectre gunplay is, however, it should come as some sort of compensation to learn that Eurogamer has given the title a run through and their hands-on impressions indicate good things for the arcade style blaster.

Along with the potential replay value and gameplay variety, the biggest feature shared by Eurogamer is an online mode. Most likely co-op as opposed to any kind of versus mode (is that possible on rails? Answers on a postcard), I think headset support of some kind would be essential. The Wii really should get to work on that. Either way, Ghost Squad has potential to not be rubbish, so keep an eye on it or I’ll kill you. 

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