Ghost Recon Wildlands rides in with deals, bonuses for PC and consoles

Up to 20% off on PC

Is tactical co-op your style? Then next week’s open-worlder from Ubisoft might just float your boat, especially now that there’s discounts to be had.

There are deals on all platforms up to 20% off. PC players get no strings attached to the price breaks, but on console you’ll need a paid membership (and Deluxe is sold out for console, ick).

For PC gaming there’s two retailers in question. GMG was the first to break discount ground offering an 18% price break. It is fully authorized by Ubisoft, so you get the same pre-order bonus Peruvian Connection mission that you would buying directly from Uplay or Steam.

GamersGate is the second authorized PC gaming retailer offering a deal. In this case it’s slightly cheaper at 20% off. This makes the Standard Edition only $47.99 or $12 in savings or as much as $20 in savings with a price drop to $79.99 for the Gold Edition.

PC Gaming Deals

GMG Discounts

GamersGate Discounts

On console you have two options for discounts: Amazon and Best Buy. Best Buy will require you to pony up $30 for a two-year membership to its Gamers Club Unlocked program, but then you’ll get 20% off new and pre-order games. Amazon has a similar program with a Prime membership, something many already have (but also a $100, one-year purchase, so keep that in mind).

Unfortunately Deluxe is sold out at both Amazon and Best Buy. Gold is still available for the Xbox One at Amazon, but is sold out for the PS4. Digital copies can be had at both retailers, but the GCU/Prime discounts do not apply to digital codes, only to physical boxed copies.

Console Deals

Gold vs. Deluxe vs. Standard

Can’t decide which edition to buy? With prices coming down on Deluxe to as low as $56, it’s actually cheaper than if you had allotted $60 originally for Wildlands. So what are the differences?

Deluxe is basically a boost of a little bit of everything and extra customization options. You’ll be gifted the Wilderness rifle which is a unique shotgun, a dirt bike, a light hunting jacket, the sapper backpack, an Oakley SI straight jacket figure glasses, three unique emblems, three weapon cameos, and and an XP booster.

Gold is everything in the Deluxe plus the Season Pass. There were not a ton of details on the Season Pass until just recently, but here’s the skinny. You’ll receive one-week early access to two major expansions:

  • Narco Road – Infiltrate gang of smugglers. Gameplay mode includes races and chellenges. Includes new bosses and new vehicles.
  • Fallen Ghosts: Evac mission where you’re being tracked down by mercenaries. New enemies, new skill, and unlock new weapons.

One other mission included is labeled the “Unidad Conspiracy” and then you get packs galore in terms of faction-themed equipment packs. The exclusive vehicle included in the Season Pass (aka Gold) is the Bolivian Minibus, and finally you’ll also receive permanent +5% XP booster (so you can grind a wee bit less to unlock), along with some single-use short two-hour XP boosters (+50% XP for the main player and +25% XP for other players in the session).

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