Ghost of our Love floating candles puzzle solution: Hogwarts Legacy guide

Good old fashioned treasure hunting

Hogwarts Legacy has plenty of breadcrumb trail mechanics to lead you to the next big story quest: but there are some where you might need a little nudge in the right direction. That includes the optional quest Ghost of our Love, which you’ll come across via the Hogsmeade graveyard. Here’s where to start the Ghost of our Love quest, and how to finish it.

Step 1: Get the Ghost of our Love quest in the Hogsmeade graveyard

You’ll acquire the Ghost of our Love quest through a note in the Hogsmeade graveyard (once you make it to the Jackdaw questline, you’ll likely find it naturally).

In the note, you’ll see some initially obscure markings that actually translate to some common sense concepts:

  • A bridge
  • The entrance to the forbidden forest
  • The forest itself
  • Candles
  • A depiction of the Lumos (flashlight) spell

Step 2: Head to the quest bridge from the letter

Using all of these clues, one can deduce that the questline starts at a bridge near the Forbidden Forest. Head north out of Hogwarts (or west from Hogsmeade) until you get to the bridge pictured in the gallery above.

Grab the note on the eastern portion of the bridge.

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Step 3: Cast Lumos and follow the candles into the Forbidden Forest

After finding the note, Cast Lumos to conjure up a set of candles, which will lead you into the Forbidden Forest.

Just follow the candles while holding your Lumos pose. No combat is required for this quest beyond random wandering enemies that might cross your path.

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Step 4: Grab your loot and clear the quest

After a brief job through the forest, the candles will lead you to a small hill with a set of chairs and a chest. Open the chest and acquire the “Treasure-Seeker’s Scarf,” as well as some experience and sidequest challenge progress.

That’s it! You can head back to Hogwarts or continue to explore the Forbidden Forest.

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