Ghosbusters Rule 3 vid is really about explosions

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Blink and you’ll miss Atari’s Ghostbusters “Rule 3: Split Up…” trailer. It’s a quick and dirty look at the amount of destruction that you can wreak in the game with the proton pack. If you click through, you’ll witness plenty of fire, rubble, broken tables, and various exploding objects. And hey, you’ll also see a few boss encounters.

I’m not exactly sure if splitting up is a Ghostbusters rule, but I understand that Atari needs to roll out a few more of these videos before the game releases on June 16 for almost every platform under the sun — Wii, DS, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

What’s the next rule going to be? I hope it’s “Prehistoric B*tches Must Be Shown How the Ghostbusters Do Things Downtown.” C’mon Atari, make it happen. (Not much of a rule, but “split up” isn’t either.)

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