Ghibli-like Lynn and the Spirits of Inao canceled in light of recent allegations

Interns allegedly weren’t paid

As an indie project, Lynn and the Spirits of Inao looks really enticing, and seemingly had a lot of heart behind its development. Unfortunately, after five years, the project has come to a close — news the team announced on its official Kickstarter, which launched this month.

Allegedly, a number of interns (who are also referred to as “trainees”) have come forward noting that they haven’t been paid for their contributions to Inao, which is illegal in France and could lead to issues for the studio. The remaining team is stating that they are closing the project due to “violent declarations” of threats. This Reddit post here dives into more detailed information regarding the project, including concerns that the gameplay was actually simulated artwork and was not authentic.

Either way, it’s done. I know a few of you here contributed — my condolences.

Lynn and the Spirits of Inao [Kickstarter via Nintendo Life]

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