Ghetto DIY Kinect hides behind your TV, out of sight

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The business end of this DIY Kinect stand for the top of your thin televisions is ugly. It’s a good thing that it hides behind your set, where no one will see it. Instructables user Riffraff67 has created this little shelf out of some unlikely parts: a metal plate, PVC pipe and velcro. Joystiq says that it costs about $10 and requires about 15 minutes of labor. The alternative is a licensed mount that costs $40. Ouch.

Why not just put the Kinect sensor on the floor? The instructions for this project state that you could get as much as much as an additional foot of virtual floor space to flail around on by putting the Kinect sensor up above your television. You may need that extra foot with the suggested 8 feet of floor space they ask for. Yes, it’s ugly, but this stand could get you there for only $10. 

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