Getting upper: Graffiti sim Kingspray looks dope

This is how you use VR

Folks are sculpting some badass 3D art with the virtual reality painting application Tilt Brush, but what about folks who need a lil more edge in their lives rather than something that looks like it should be scored by Passion Pit (I love you, LittleBigPlanet 2!)

Look, if you’d have told me it’d only take 10 years to get a sequel to Marc Eckō’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure… Okay, for real. Kingspray is a graffiti simulator currently aiming for a Vive release. And it looks dope! A lot of craft and care clearly went into realistic paint physics (including how the paint interacts with different textured surfaces), while simulating a can of spray paint works in the same way Tilt Brush‘s messiness adds character. 

The developer is looking into being able to import geometry (so you can easily paint over all kinds of pre-made surfaces) and multiplayer for shared murals and the like. I’m excited for a more expressly 2D drawing avenue for VR users and I’d love to rattle some aerosol cans against a VR wall if one of those expensive headsets falls out of a truck and onto my doorstep one day.

Steven Hansen