Getting a free month of EA Origin Access could not be easier

Enable 2FA and play the freebies

EA’s prepared to reward you for something you should’ve already done anyway. Free games are the incentive for increased digital security.

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (apparently), and EA wants people to lock down their Origin accounts. Anyone who turns on two-factor authentication for EA Origin on PC by the end of October will get a free month of Origin Access Basic. It’s a $5 value, but there are well over 200 games to play. Some recent ones are Anthem, Battlefield V, and Madden 19. Here are all the details, straight from EA.

This offer isn’t only meant to rope in new customers. It’s also available for current subscribers. People who already have Origin Access won’t get charged in November. Those who subscribe to the more expensive Origin Access Premier ($15/month) will get a free month of Premier. And, in the event you already have two-factor enabled, you’re good to go; no further action is required to get the free month.

It’s just that easy. EA notes that players should see their free month kick in at the beginning of November, so these aren’t rewards you can reap immediately. But, you shouldn’t need to be prodded along to protect your accounts. EA’s happy to prod though, so you should be happy to take the freebies.

Turn on EA Login Verification and get a free* month of Origin Access [EA]

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