Get your Trophies in my PixelJunk Monsters

Recently, CVG was able to talk to Q-Games founder Dylan Cuthbert about the possibility of bringing Trophies to PixelJunk Monsters. Cuthbert wasn’t exactly forthright about the addition of Trophies to the downloadable game, as he remarked that Q-Games “[has] been totally inundated with requests for trophies in PixelJunk Monsters via some kind of patch.” Of course, asking is not always receiving. So, Cuthbert tossed this out there to the fans:

As this goes to press, I can say we are definitely looking into it – you just need to badger Deborah Mars and her team in Santa Monica to get some dates set. If we release a patch, we will not only implement this but we will also implement XMB music and a couple of other things.

The last time we had an opportunity to talk to Cuthbert, he revealed what a “PixelJunk” was and how the series may be continued past PixelJunk Eden. The man seems to be consistent on delivering his message, so perhaps we should let Deborah Mars know just how much we want Trophy support over here at Destructoid.

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