Get your Sonic Colors DS screens here!

Here’s a juicy portion of Sonic Colors media for you, hot off the grill. Well, not exactly hot, since these went online several hours ago. Enjoy your lukewarm screenshots, then, and get the Hell out of my asset kitchen!

I believe this is the most we’ve seen of the DS version of Sonic Colors, if not the very first images we’ve ever had. I know quite a few people seemed more interested in the DS one than the Wii alternative, so you’d do well to check them out. As expected, Sonic Colors has taken the firmly 2D route on Nintendo’s handheld, and bears more than a passing resemblance to Sonic Rush. 

Sonic Colors on the Wii, as you doubtless know by now, will be more of a behind-the-hedgehog affair, taking the best elements of Sonic Unleashed while removing the boring Werehog stages. I enjoyed playing it in demo form, and all fingers are crossed for a good game. 

As far as the DS version goes, what do you reckon? Are you up for some more 2D Sonic antics, or did you think Rush was a bit poo?

Sonic DS screens [Gamekyo via GoNintendo]

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