Get your Saints Row: The Third screens while they’re hot!

THQ has made it rain with a selection of character art, concept art, and screenshots for the upcoming groin-kicker, Saints Row: The Third. They show off the new city of Steelport, as well as some of the nefarious cats who you’ll be doing business with: 

Phillipe Loren: the cold, calculating leader of the Syndicate.
Zimos: an old-school pimp who hates Morningstar and what they’ve done to pimping, mostly because they ran him out of business and pimping ain’t easy.
Killbane: leader of the Luchadores Mexican wrestling gang that has cornered the gambling trade in Steelport.
Angel de la Muerte: Killbane’s former tag-team partner. The relationship did not end well. 
Matt Miller: leader of the Deckers and specialist in high-tech cybercrime

The game is looking damn hot and I cannot wait to see what twisted nonsense the folk at Volition are up to next. Between this and Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, THQ is tickling my testes in all the right places. They can put that on the back on the box!

Jim Sterling