Get your robe on to enter the Magicka beta

Magicka sounds like quite a thrilling prospect. It’s a four-player PC Diablo clone with a focus on silly humor and genre-savvy chicanery. That’s exactly my cup of tea, and the requirements to get into the beta are what one could happily describe as “suitable.”

Basically, in order to get early access to the game, you have to make a tit of yourself by dressing up in a robe and posting to the game’s Facebook page. Look suitably magical and mysterious, and you’ll get a beta code. Pretty easy!

Here are the requirements, in Paradox’s own words:

1: Snap a photo of yourself in a Magicka Robe (bath robe, smoking robe, house robe, Snuggie- whatever works!)
2: “Like” the Magicka fan page on Facebook – 
3: Post the photo on the Facebook page wall. Don’t be shy!

I definitely want to check this game out, but I doubt there’s a robe in this house big enough for all my fat. In any case, check out the Ali G-flavored beta trailer!

Jim Sterling