Get your Ratchet and Clank Future demo today from GameStop!

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Why wait until October 4 for the Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Desteruction demo to hit the PlayStation Network? Run to your local GameStop/EB Games and pick one up today!

I received a text message (a.k.a., an IRL tip) from a buddy telling me he had picked up a copy of the demo at his GameStop today. Not one to trust my friends (who are mainly thieves and other assorted charlatans), I demanded pictures, which he produced. But being the good blogger that I am, I had to verify this for myself. 

Sure enough, I was able to walk into my nearest EB Games and easily snag my own copy. Your mileage on this may vary, as some stores may not have yet received their demos, but they should start trickling into stores over the next week or so. You might also be told you’ll have to reserve the game in order to receive a demo; if that’s the case, stomp your feet and threaten to call the store’s district manager. That always does the trick.


[Thanks, Michael!] 

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