Get your PSP out of my Wii

Ever finish with a rousing game of Mario Brothers on the Virtual Console and think, “Man, I really wish I had a controller that looked like a PSP.” Apparently the boys at Blazepro have thought about it at least once. The above image is a functional Wii Remote attachment that is said to work just like the classic controller.

Since I can’t sum all the great features of this controller alone, I’ll allow the seller at superufo do it for me:

The Classic Controller is looks like a squareness,but the function has no difference between the origin one.More cheaper to own a classic controller.It can compatible with Wii Remote. It has two Analog Sticks: L, R and 8 function buttons,also has HOME button for functions setting on Wii console.This controller support Wii Remote into low power consumtion mode(sleep mode) too.

Awesome, a “squareness” controller that has “low power consumtion.” Where do I sign up? When I think about controller comfort, the PSP is the second to last thing on my mind. Nintendo has reserved a very special place in my discomfort department with the abortion that was the N64 controller. I would much rather use a baked potato with cords and antennae, instead of cramping my hand on the joystick Nintendo put in the middle of the controller.

Regardless, the controller is only $15.00 for the adventurous. What do you guys think of this kind of stuff? At least it actually has some kind of functionality, unlike the golf clubs and tennis rackets I’ve seen in the aisles since the great Wii explosion.

[Thanks, Adam!]

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