Get your brain in gear for Picross S4 on Nintendo Switch

Where are the guns?

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Hey puzzle-heads! You might be pleased to hear the news that developer Jupiter will be launching a brand new Picross title on Nintendo Switch next week. Picross S4 comes loaded with a whopping 480 puzzles, and will be made available to download on the eShop April 23.

For those of you, like myself, are more inclined to play games with the punching and the exploding, Picross, (traditionally known as “Nonograms”), are number puzzles in which the player fills in squares on a grid, eventually creating fun little images and designs – provided you get your math right.

Picross S4 will include four unique modes, (Picross, Mega Picross, Color Picross, and Clip Picross), and multiplayer support. As a neat touch, players who own save data from previous Picross releases will unlock exclusive, larger-sized puzzles specifically “for dedicated Picross S players.”

Picross S4 launches digitally on Nintendo Switch April 23, priced at around $10.

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