Get your ads out of my Guitar Hero: World Tour

Despite the free world spiraling out of control as a result of bad mortgages and Happy Meals, Activision managed to ink a deal with ad company IGA Worldwide. Gamasutra describes the deal between IGA and Activision as an “exclusive mulit-year agreement,” which basically boils down to in-game ads in whatever game Activision desires. The first title to feature this agreement will be Guitar Hero: World Tour.

Of course, if having a Pepsi bottle behind your rock backdrop doesn’t seem like enough targeting then you’ll be delighted to know that IGA’s ads are updated in real time. Hopefully, they never hit me with a blueberry pie advertisement on a Saturday.

The ads will extend past GH: WT, but the next title is unknown. My guess is that Diablo III will rock some amazing arthritis supplements.

Brad BradNicholson