Get used to Dewy’s face: Konami and Nestle Waters partner up

I’m addicted to caffeine and sugar, thanks to growing up on a healthy diet of Jolt Cola and Cool Ranch Doritos. Today, kids should be on a healthier path, thanks to Konami and Nestle Waters North America, who are teaming up to provide a positive “Green” and health conscious message to children this fall. 

The two will hold marketing-hands in a promotional partnership that will link Konami’s Dewy’s Adventure for the Wii and Nestle Water’s Aquapod Natural Spring Water for children. We’re talking a national contest where these weird “water drinkers” can win a trip to a Costa Rica rain forest, as well as copies of Dewy’s Adventure. I can’t stand bugs, but I liked Elebits, so I’d take the game if I were you.

The contest is running from September 12 through November 30, and is being supported by a multi-million dollar marketing and promotional campaign, which means you might not be able to escape Dewy for the next two months. I guess it could be worse — this could be another Halo 3 campaign.

Nick Chester