Get tready to learn about Hearts of Iron IV’s tanks

3, 2, 1…let’s jam!

I like it when a company modifies their logo to fit with the theme of whatever it’s attached to. It’s a stupid thing to like and here it’s just an old timey World War II filter, but I like it nonetheless (see: SEGA matching Alien: Isolation‘s aesthetic). 

This Hearts of Iron IV video comes with a nice history lesson, likely much needed in some parts of the world (okay, just the United States, and maybe North Korea) as the History Channel is now about Hitler being an alien mermaid or something. Can’t believe 1942’s top tank was outmoded by ’43-’44. What is it, an iPhone? 

So how are you going to use the Spanish Civil War to benefit your attempts at conquest? I’m just trying to kick Mussolini out of Italy and make a point to not side with, you know, Hitler. 

Steven Hansen