Get the Golden Retro Lancer only through the Gears 3 beta

The Gears of War 3 multiplayer beta is coming this April, and you’re going to be able to play on three new maps, plus check out some of the awesome new weapons. It makes the September 20 release date all the more easier to digest, doesn’t it?

The beta is also going to be the only way you’re going get a golden version of the new Retro Lancer. As described in my preview, this Lancer is like the regular Lancer, but with a bayonet attached to it instead of a chainsaw. This isn’t a final number, but you’re going to be required to play about 90 matches in the beta and then get 100 kills with the unlocked Golden gun. Once you’ve completed the challenge, the Golden Retro Lancer will be available in the retail version of Gears of War 3.

That’s not all! You’ll also get the Thrashball Cole skin only available through the beta too. You need to play 70 matches of any mode, and once you have Thrashball Cole, you just need to play 13 more matches (to match the number 83 on his jersey) with the unlocked character to have access to him in the retail game.

Oh, and people that have the Epic Edition of Bulletstorm get a flaming Lancer in Gears of War 3. BOOM!

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