Get the Comic Jumper ringtone and be awesome

Captain Smiley, the hero of Comic Jumper, has what can only be described as the best ringtone ever. The nice folks at Twisted Pixel sent us an mp3 containing another, very similar ringtone and it’s quickly making its way onto all of our mobile devices so that we may annoy friends, co-workers and loved ones with its exuberant charm.

But then we got to thinking: Why would we keep such an amazing thing to ourselves? I mean, sure, having the distinction of standing in a public place when your phone rings, having people turn their heads and gasp in shock at how incredibly cool we are only works when one keeps such things exclusive. But we’re already awesome, so there’s no reason we can’t share the wealth.

You can grab Captain Smiley’s ringtone for yourself by clicking right here (though you may want to right-click and “Save As”).

Conrad Zimmerman