Get the best Miitomo Drop items without blowing through your coins

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Turns out prayer isn’t the easiest way to get items in Miitomo Drop. The minigame, stashed in the shop section of Nintendo’s recent mobile game Miitomo, offers players a chance at themed items through a pachinko-style game of chance. Or rather, a game of skill if you know what you’re doing. 

Miitomo‘s best and brightest have pooled their resources and figured out the easiest way to get each of the limited-edition items offered in the nine current Drop games, including the ninja-themed goodies released yesterday.

There’s a full list on the Miitomo subreddit with advice for nabbing most of the current prizes. A warning, though: some of the videos could be hard to watch if you’ve already spent a chunk of change trying to get one specific accessory. 

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