Get retro once again with this classic Destructoid shirt

We’re bringing back a design from 2014

Today, we’re bringing back a Destructoid shirt that’s nostalgic in a couple of ways.

Designed by the highly talented Drew Wise and inspired by the box art for a certain retro games console, this shirt was first featured on the Destructoid Store back in 2014.

The Pixel Destructoid is now available on our merch store, and can be printed on t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and all sorts of other swag. And for those occasions where you do need to go out during this accused plague, you can look sexy as hell by wearing a face mask featuring this design.

On a semi-related note: we’re currently collecting feedback for our Destructoid community ASCII shirt, now that all the names on it have been locked in. So head on over to our forums and let us know what you think!

Lilian C