Get real printed pictures from Firewatch’s photo mode

What else is on that old Kodak?

When Firewatch releases tomorrow, it’ll have a neat little bit of functionality that blurs the line between video game and real life. Photo modes traditionally are used as a passive feature to memorialize something in-game. Firewatch takes that one step further. 

There’s a disposable camera somewhere in Firewatch that essentially serves as the game’s photo mode. You can snap pictures of whatever you want and save the images. But, upon finishing the game, you’re also given a link to buy actual physical prints of those pictures.

After reviewing Firewatch, Steven made mention of this nifty feature in our staff chat. However, he didn’t actually purchase any of the prints. Fortunately, TechnoBuffalo did and an image of them is embedded below. 

Also, it’s worth noting that this isn’t available on PS4, only PC. And, one lingering question mark is how much this all costs. As TechnoBuffalo mentions, pre-launch cost was heavily discounted; that’ll surely change once the game has been officially released. 

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