Get pimp with Wii “vintage” mod concept

Before you start to clamor and ask where to buy them, I have to ruin your moment. Sorry, but contrary to popular opinion, some women don’t tease — these controllers are not real. Dreamed up by Flickr user Joe D!, he mentions that the classic controller and Wiimote have a backlight, which you can learn to do at

The wood paneling look is a cool idea, although it makes me think of the seventies and I immediately start seeing visions of horribly bright kitchens and puke green sofas. What I want to see next is the gold-plated controller mod, studded with diamonds — the playa’s Wiimote. Then I remember that the PS3 would more accurately fit that ballin’ lifestyle. Too bad, little Wii — you may never get such star treatment.

[Thanks, Adam]

Colette Bennett