Get nude humanoid deer as stamps for Wii U this week

Cute Pets Pick Berries and I get aroused

This Thursday, the game with the greatest Miiverse stamps of all time launches on the Wii U. Cutie Pets Pick Berries is an E-rated puzzle game that has hunky humanoid deer — officially known as Mandeer — matching berries while smiling intensely.

I’m seriously considering buying this game for these stamps. Just look at them:

The best trailer since Who Let the Cat In? starts innocently enough before suddenly showing off the glistening bodies of these musclebound daddy-deer laying bare and giving us fuck-me eyes. Woof!

I’m typically more of a dinosaur man myself, but suddenly I’m considering getting some of that sexy deer cologne and attempting to seduce myself a Mandeer with a huge rack, though it would probably go about as well as this guy’s encounter.

Jed Whitaker