Get MLB 2K10 for three dollars today

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To celebrate Opening Day for Major League Baseball, GameStop is offering the PC download version of MLB 2K10 for a ridiculously low $3 price tag. How important that is to you is directly proportional to your proximity to Samit Sarkar.

Really, three dollars is a reasonable price for just about any game, let alone one that just came out. And it’s compatible with the Xbox 360 controller if you want something closer to the console experience. So, I might go ahead and pick it up anyway. I know it’s no MLB The Show, but… it’s three dollars. I think I’m justified. It will be the first PC baseball game I’ve played since Earl Weaver Baseball oh so long ago.

Anybody going to take advantage of this limited-time offer?

MLB 2K10 [GameStop via Blast Magazine]

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