Get free stuff in Magic: Arena through voting for upcoming World Championship contenders

February 14-16

The Magic: The Gathering World Championship XXVI (this game has been around for a while!) is happening in Hawaii from February 14-16 once again this year, and now Wizards of the Coast is adding a nice bit of synergy with Magic: Arena for good measure.

You’ve probably seen this type of thing before in various esport-oriented games: you vote on your favorite personality to win it all, and you can get free digital stuff as a reward. It’s all pretty simple. You go to this site here, select your champion, enter your email; and depending on what place they win, you get different tiered rewards (everyone will get a Worlds XXVI digital card sleeve).

The real prize is for those who predict the winner, which will reap the reward of a “trophy pet.” For those of you who don’t play Arena, pets are basically cosmetic creatures that hang out on the sides of the screen, but in this case it’ll be a fiery static trophy. And that’s it! You have 16 choices, get to it.

Magic: The Gathering World Championship XXVI [Wizards of the Coast]

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