Get fired for playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online now!

In an effort to get you fired from your office job, Electronic Arts has launched Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online today.

The free-to-play golf game runs within your web browser, utilizing the popular Unity engine. Your free account gives you access to “featured courses,” and comes complete with achievement style goals, the ability to earn money to purchase new items, and more.

But if you want to take it to the next level, it’s time to open up your wallet, of course. For $9.99 a month you can get access to all of the game’s courses and content, or just sink $59.99 into an entire year. Additionally, you’ll be able to purchase “points” which can be used for in-game transactions; packages of $9.99, $19.99, and $39.99 are available.

While I’m sure a lot of you will yell that EA is trying to nickel-and-dime folks with memberships and microtransactions, keep in mind that you can play this game right now for free. As it stands, even without the paid content, it seems there’s quite a bit of game here to occasionally keep you busy until Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 hits consoles in June.

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