Get Far Cry, Red Alert and Red Alert 2 for free (if you fancy pre-ordering)

Electronic Arts and Ubisoft are offering some neat pre-order bonuses for the respective releases of Red Alert 3 and Far Cry 2. If you pre-order the upcoming RTS or FPS, you will be able to net yourself their prequels as DLC for absolutely nothing.

Of course, if you’re interested in the sequel, you’ll likely already own or have finished Far Cry or the first two Red Alert titles, but it could certainly help make a pre-order more attractive to newcomers. In the case of the first Command & Conquer: Red Alert, you won’t even have to do the pre-order part, as Electronic Arts is going to offer it as free DLC to anybody who wants it. You can pick up the game from the official site tomorrow.

A rare show of philanthropy from EA there. Be wary of sinister traps.

James Stephanie Sterling