Get critical darling Her Story cheap in this week’s Humble Bundle

Tex Murphy adventures and Roundabout too

Finally, we’re learning about herstory. Oh, wait, that’s Her Story. Your classics degrees aren’t worthless yet. One of 2015’s surprise hits — Laura Dale gave it a 10/10 here at Destructoid and it moved over 100,000 units in a monthHer Story is part of this week’s investigation-themed Humble Weekly Bundle.

You’ll need to pay $5 or more to unlock Her Story and Roundabout, while it’s pay what you want for: MISSING: An Interactive Thriller- Episode One; 7th Guest & 11th Hour Pack; Tex Murphy Complete Pack; and Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure.

And no, not sure where the spinning taxi driving game Roundabout fits in thematically, but, cool.

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