Get a Slurpee and a PSN card at the same time

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Sony has realized that any consumer who needs aspirin, desires to rent a movie, or enjoys coffee every morning also walks into the popular store of their choice wishing that they could buy a pre-paid card for the PlayStation Network Store. That’s why Sony is stepping up to the plate next month to provide 7-Eleven, Blockbuster and Riteaid with PSN cards. The only problem is balancing a Slurpee, receipt, and a baggy with a PSN card at the same time.

Gas stations and drug stores are just the beginning of PSN card domination. In 2015, Sony will begin putting PSN cards in outerspace vending machines, and in 2020 Sony has stated that they will use a time machine to make the cards available for “premiere” civilizations. Lastly, in 2021, Sony will allow popular videogame-related retailers like Gamestop and Game Crazy to stock PSN cards.

When I asked a representative about not waiting longer to give the cards to a store like Gamestop he told me, “No, that wouldn’t make sense. Obviously, people go to media stores to buy media.”


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