Get a quick look at Valkyria Chronicles 4’s Switch port

Coming in September

It’s kind of hard to believe that the Valkyria Chronicles series is still going.  I mean the original is a classic at this point (it’s been a decade, we can call it that), but after that Sega kind of lost that momentum, especially in the west. 

Instead of a full console follow-up we got a PSP sequel, which didn’t gel with some fans of the original, and Valkyria Chronicles III just plain wasn’t released outside of Japan. From there Japan got a free-to-play card game that fizzled (Chronicles D), and a weird action-RPG follow-up in Revolution. Now, seven years after the release of the last proper entry, we’re getting Valkyria Chronicles 4 in the west, with a Switch port no less!

If you’re interested in how that’ll look, Sega just rolled out a Switch-centric trailer that you can watch below.

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