Get a good look at the Twilight Princess HD bundle, and the Wolf Link amiibo

As well as Cave of Shadows details

[Update: I now have info as to how the amiibo actually works within the game. As expected, it does unlock the Cave of Shadows dungeon. Players can essentially access this area almost immediately, after completing the tutorial zone. Going to the inventory screen will allow you to use an amiibo figure, including the Wolf Link toy. It will then prompt you to save your game, and instantly transport you to the cave. It is not located on the world map, it’s a separate instance.

Here, you’ll do battle in a gauntlet format with various enemies while in Wolf form. I went in with three hearts, and they did quite a bit of damage. It’s expected that you’ll return here later in the game to complete the whole thing for a reward. Why? Because if you die on any floor, you’ll have to restart the entire thing. And that’s it. It’s a room-by-room battle sequence as Wolf Link.]

Nintendo sent over the full bundle for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, including the Wolf Link amiibo. The good news? Unlike the Gold Mega Man figure, it has a proper package!

Beyond that it’s a pretty basic bundle — the game is sealed inside along with the figure, and that’s it. The amiibo is one of my favorite releases yet, and the two-for-one feel is pretty great. As a reminder, it unlocks the Castle of Shadows, which seems to be a reskinned challenge dungeon of sorts. Oh, and it looks like Wiimote support isn’t in for sure — the game only offers a GamePad or Pro option at the start.

Expect our review in a few weeks.

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