Get a good look at Monster Hunter: World’s new Iceborne gathering hub

Developer diary incoming

So we pretty much know everything there is to know about the upcoming Monster Hunter: World Iceborne expansion. It’s going to take place mostly in a snowy locale, will feature new monsters, you need to be at least Hunter Rank 16 to access it, it’s going to be $40 at lanch (or $60 bundled with the base game), it’s out on September 6 for consoles (“winter for PC), and it is the only planned expansion for World.

Beyond that Capcom is spilling the beans in a new developer diary, which talks about the new Seliana headquarters and gathering hub with tons of new footage. There’s a huge focus on role playing and relaxation, complete with water splashing and “falling in water” emotes. Plus, you can play with your Palico in the hot springs: best feature?

Well maybe the best feature for me as a cat lover, but Capcom is also adding this: “Further gameplay options offer additional flexibility for multiplayer hunting parties. A series-first scaling balanced difficulty which will adapt for a two-player team if others have dropped out or if a duo sets out to tackle a quest with their Palicoes in tow. The furry sidekicks will also get upgraded gadgets and new options such as the Shieldspire Stooge, a mobile decoy that draws a monster’s attention away from the player, the Meowcano, a giant jar that shoots out fireballs at enemies, and an enhanced Vigorwasp that can revive players immediately back into battle if they faint.” Okay so it’s still cat related.

While the developer diary does kick off with the most recent trailer for the game (complete with Glavenus), you can also watch it piecemeal in the second video below.

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