Germany wants to ban shooters!

In what could be the second worst political decision in the history of Germany, the states of Bavaria and Lower Saxony have introduced a bill that aims to outlaw violent shooters. Germany, a land known for it’s decorative steins and it’s caring, compassion towards all peoples, already has some of the most stringent censorship laws when it comes to games, and this would be the straw that broke Der Kommissar’s back.

Crytek, developers of Far Cry, and the upcoming Crysis, are based in Germany and have gone on record as saying that if the law ends up being ratified, they would leave the country for less restrictive pastures.

Speaking on behalf of the denizens of Mt. Destructoid, we invite Crytek to join us in the fiery bowels of our utopian mountain home where you can make shooter games full of corpse rape and kitten stomping to your heart’s content. 

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