Germany loves ze Wii, Nintendo

German gamers have shown a strong preference to Nintendo products as of late, with both a Nintendo console and first-party games topping sales charts.

Next-Gen tells us that the July sales figures for the Nintendo Wii more than doubled the sales of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 combined, with Wii’s 26,000 versus Xbox 360’s 5,000 and PS3’s 8,000. They also tell us that the total lifetime sales numbers for the three consoles have been tallied, and that the Nintendo Wii has taken the top spot for next-generation game consoles, selling 291,000 units over Xbox 360’s 281,000.

GamesIndustry gives us some data on game title sales that shows a similar preference, with Nintendo games taking seven of the top ten places on the sales charts. DS titles like Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Brain Training, and Animal Crossing: Wild World join Wii Play and Mario Party 8 to take most of the spots, leaving room for only World of Warcraft and SingStar 90s in the top ten.

[Via Next-Gen and GI — thanks, Justin]

Dale North