German gamers, the time has come: Red Faction is now legal in Deutschland

Standing on the edge of a revolution!

Germany has a long history of banning violent video games from sale. Doom had been outlawed until 2011 (which is just insane) and Wolfenstein was barred because of its use of Nazi imagery. Fallout 3 wasn’t allowed until this year, as well.

Now, though, Red Faction is finally legally available in Deutschland. Nordic games announced that the game is no longer on the list of titles deemed “damaging” to the country’s youth. One down, several hundred to go.

Publishing director Jans Binsmaier stated that the company went through numerous discussions and had to utilize power forms of persuasion to have the game removed from Germany’s blacklist. “At THQ Nordic, we were aware of the implications of this momentous decision, and needed to adopt a bold approach,” Binsmaier said.

I’m happy that the game is going to finally be available to our gaming friends overseas. There was no mention of any censorship being placed on the game, similar to how Wolfenstein: The New Order changed Nazis to “The Regime” and removed any symbolism from World War II.

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