Gerbil Physics now on XBL Indie Games, no Lemmiwinks

When I heard about the game Gerbil Physics, I automatically assumed that it was some sort of Richard Gere simulator. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that it’s actually a 2D destruction game where players must use a variety of techniques to destroy buildings constructed out of gerbils. 

Am I disappointed? Maybe a little, but the title reminds me of Boom Blox and I really love that one. Gerbil Physics features 24 levels and boasts “realistic(-ish) physics.” Besides, how can you really get upset over something which suggests gerbils would make for a worthwhile building material? Cutest city ever, that would be.

The game, which carries the highly reasonable pricetag of 80 Microsoft Points, came out last week but may have been overlooked in all the holiday hub-bub. Has anybody had a chance to play it yet? Is it any good?

Conrad Zimmerman